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Effective business management is one of the core issues lacking in most business organizations. According to Bob Farrell motivating the workers is a central feature in establishing a sound and effective managerial environment. Motivation, for instance, as illustrated in his video titled Give e`m the PICKLE is presented as the principal force behind successful organizations.

Thus, the video seems to suggest that lack of motivation is unhealthy for both the client and the concerned business organization. In essence what this indicates is that by inspiring the employees in an organization the chances that they will be productive are high.

Another highlighted feature in Bob Farrell’s video, Give em the PICKLE revolves within the scope of client satisfaction. Basically, the central role of any business organization is to satisfy its clients.

Hence, Farrell asserts that for any organization to satisfy its clients it ought to embrace the concept of serving others its topmost priority. This is he supports by arguing that business is actually a noble career and all involved must be proud of what they embrace. Also the scope of attitude is equally examined. The core approach to this features pertains to the manner clients are treated.

Thus, he notes that ones attitude determines how an individual treats the clients. More so, this is supported by insisting on consistency. What the video does is to explore the dynamics of teamwork. This is testified by the manner he explores the concepts of seeking apposite ways to make each and every aspect of serving look good and eventually delivering on time.

Examining the scope of consistency he points to the need of setting high but realistic standards and equally sticking to them. This is shown to be the principal reasons client’s returns for having received satisfying services.

Another highlight of the video touches on teamwork. It ought to be noted that individual talent in business is not appreciated as is with teamwork. Farrell notes that teamwork plays a crucial role in establishing the right managerial and organizational approach. This he notes is essential in providing seamless but healthy customer care. And this explains the need for client satisfaction which leads to client loyalty as well as building a core base of return and satisfied clients.

In essence, Bob Farrell explores the dynamics of running a business organization that have the right attitude in satisfying its clients. This is demonstrated in the manner he examines the subject pertaining to the client satisfaction. He notes client satisfaction means life to any business organization.

Horst Schulze is the chairman as well as chief executive officer of West Paces Hotel Group. Despite his involvement in hotel industry he has a long history in regard to travel industry. As depicted in the video, there a number of managerial issues that he profoundly examines and offers critical insight.

Human contact, for example, is one of the major issues that he argues helps in fostering strong business management. He notes that, because human contact cannot disappear it is thus essential to invest in apposite human resources development. This he notes would entail the integration of diverse features which includes training as well as technology.

With this in mind it is thus easier to create an organization which can be defined as a centre of excellence in regard to consumer satisfaction. Thus, human contact would entail providing the apposite to the client and this adds value to the services or products being rendered to the client.

Another instrumental feature that Schulze touches on this video seems to touch on the aspects of creating value rather than on concentrating on value itself. The concept revolves within the parameters of satisfying the client despite the situation. It is the creation of apposite products that helps in developing organizational values. According to his observation value is paramount in as far as organizational management is concerned and this is not restricted to hotel or travel industry it touches on all business entities.

Creating excellence as a leader in regard to proper business management is another feature that is elaborately defined in the video. It would be instrumental to note that excellence helps in the provision of the best products and as helps in establishing ethical parameters across the board. Schulze notes that discipline and strong leadership helps to nurture true aspects of excellence.

More so, without any aspects of excellence hospitality business cannot prosper according to his observation. Thus, excellence ought to be a central aspect in regard to any business whether hospitality or service provider. He notes that central to any success is learning to set standard which would add value to both the business as well as the clients.

Too, the concept of building brand is equally mentioned as major component of propelling business organizations to grow. He notes motivating the workers is a core feature that compels both managers and their subordinates to be productive. Thus, managerial discipline helps in establishing a brand that is valuable and satisfying and more so profitable.

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