While in India, my behavior as a child was very inappropriate. I used to never do my work or listen to my parents. At the age of nine, my life was about to change forever. My family decided to move to the United States. Moving from India to America has made me a better person. The environment I was situated in played an important part in making that happen. Another factor that led to the change in me was realizing the difficulties my parents were going through.


We notice changes occurring everyday around us. The only change we do not realize is that happening to ourselves. Many forces work against us to make that change. One of those forces is the environment we are placed in. Moving to Long Island helped me carry on my life better. My friends had many positive influences on me. They never smoked or drank. As time went on, I started to acquire their good qualities. My friends also had an affect on my school grades. They would always push me to do better then what I could do. Then suddenly, the grades started improving, which surprised me. It was then I realized what amazing friends I have made. Through them, I have learned to be polite, and gentle to people around me. My responses towards other people would come out always positive. Although this transformation took a few years, it was worth to see the person I have become.


The hardships my parents had to face in America for the first 2-3 years were hard for me to see. For their first job, they had to carry boxes, and worked for 12-16 hours everyday. The difficulties my parents went through made my sister and me realize what great parents we have. They moved to a country completely strange to them so that we could get better education. This made me develop great respect and love for my parents. It changed my attitudes drastically, from mostly negative to positive thoughts. I felt like making my parents proud. I wanted to make t


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