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the worlds people

social studies

Term Definition
culture the set of beliefs, values and practices a group has in common
culture diversity having a variety of cultures in the same region
cultural diffusion the spread of culture from one region to another
population the total number of people in an area
population density the measure of the number of people living in an area
migration the process of moving from one place to another
democracy the people elect representatives to make and enforce laws rule by majority
dictatorship ruled by a single person who has all the power
communism type of government that owns all property and dominates all aspects of life in a country
economy all activities that people and businesses do to earn a living
market economy economic system based on free trade and competition prices are determined by supply and demand
command economy economic system in which the central government makes all economic decisions
globalization increasingly ties countries together through culture and trade
interdependance the reliance of one country on resources, goods or services of another country has increased because of the expansion of global trade
united nations an organization of the world's that promotes peace around the world
humanitarian aid assistance to people in distress

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