How to write an application essay for a summer program

How to write an application essay for a summer program

Writing an essay for a summer program is as important as when you are applying for a career or sponsorship. Before writing the essay for submission, you need to take time and ensure your paper will stand out. It should be able to cover all your information and why you want to join the program.

Most of the summer programs offer scholarships to low-income students and help expose them to possible careers or college-level work and research. Your essay will determine if you will be accepted or not.

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You need to follow directions on what is expected of you. The reader has to feel your need to join their program, how you will impact the program and why it is a perfect choice for you. Consider following directions so as the reader can feel you can follow directions if you are elected for the program.

You may find it hard in the first stages as it requires a lot of work to make it perfect. Fortunately, there are various tips to follow to understand what you need to make it effective and unique. For instance:


You have to weigh your opinion on why you chose the program. Consider knowing the shortcoming of the summer program, what made you choose it, its benefits and challenges, how you can help solve the problems and your plans in the program. This will help the reader understand your main agenda for joining them.

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Knowing why you chose the program among many will help the reader understands what made you choose the program. Ensure it is not any reason you have, it should not be direct. Some students may have a selfish reason to join it or for prestige and popularity, but having an honest yet effective answer is the key. Ensure you consult any members of the program or even its leaders to have an overview of what to expect.

You need to tell the reader about yourself. Are you worthy of the chance? Do you have any special skills; is there anything unique about you? Any values and skills needed for the program?  What motivates you to join the program? Why should they choose you over the other candidates?  How is your relationship with people? If you may find it hard in assessing yourself, ask your family members or friends to help you write down the qualities thy have seen in you and any instances they you had shown them your qualities.

Write down the draft

After the research, ensure to write down the main points to help you in swift writing. You should be ready in case you have any other attachments required for the final copy. For example, some summer programs will expect transcripts or recommendation from your teacher or professor. Ensure you have everything needed before the deadline.

Write the final essay

From the draft, you will be able to write a better essay for your readers. With all the information you have gathered and the requirements needed, you are sure to have a clear paper. For instance:

  • Use your voice in this section-Ensure the paper has everything the readers need to know about you. You can start by your defining moments that made you grow or made a difference, as well as the challenges you encountered during your journey and what you did back to the top.
  • Perfect fit-You will have to make your essay stand out among all. Consider explaining to the reader why you are the perfect fit for the chance. Use this chance to convince them on the reasons as to why you need to attend this program.
  • Academic transcripts– Most programs may need to know your academic scores since you enrolled to college or high school. This will help them know your academic performances. If you have done any other courses related to the program you are applying for is an added advantage.
  • Awards– some applications -may consider you list any awards you have won in the past. This will help them ascertain of your various skills.
  • Recommendations– You may need to have support from your professor or teacher in various courses. Ensure the teacher knows you better and will be honest on how well they know you.

Proofread your paper

 After completing your essay, ensure you proofread for any mistakes in grammar, vocabulary and content. They all should be perfect. Your teacher or parent can read it to help you correct any errors. After corrections, you can collect your final essay and wait.