Intelligence essays

             They say that age is a mark of intelligence and with time you will gather experiences that will create your life. In my life, as short as it may be, I have been fortunate enough to go through the experiences that make up a typical teenager. Thinking back to how my life began and seeing where I am now, it seems that the paths I have chosen to take are that of some intelligence. My interpretation of intelligence may be different from that of another's, but I believe it to be an accurate definition. Not only being "book smart" gets you somewhere in life, it is how you apply your own knowledge and common sense to it.


My experiences growing up were not as easy as other people think. Throughout my life, there were many right and wrong paths that I had to go down to chose the right answer. Believe me, it wasn't so easy! If I chose the right path I would gain more confidence of myself, but if I chose the wrong path, I would lose that confidence in myself and then pay major consequences. Entering my teenage years had to be one of the hardest times that I've had to experience. "Pressure" was the number one thing that was being put on me as I began to experience, what they say is the best years of my life.


Knowing between right and wrong was the hardest part in making a wise decision. Whether it was staying home on a Friday night babysitting, or going out to a huge party. Which one would you choose? I am not the only one that would choose the party too. Just wanting to be "cool" and hanging out with everyone who was assumed to be in the "In Crowd" was what everyone wanted to do the most. In wanting to fit in, you usually take a toll on your life. Being able to say no to drugs, drinking and driving made an affect on how the "In Crowd" would think of you. Getting involved with different sorts of students like that also changes the way you think. It's like you are being prog…

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