Interracial MarriagesThe Social Taboo essays

             America, a country thriving on differences, still struggles with accepting all the different walks of life. The history of this nation shows the racial tension existing between the American society and outsiders. Presently society while slowly becoming more racially tolerant remains reluctant to fully accept interracial marriages.


Many opinions exist concerning the motivation for interracial marriages. Some think interracial marriage has made such a rapid increase due to the increase of immigration into America. Studies show:


“One reason for this increase is that the color line in the United States is changing. Desegregation throughout the 1970’s increased the likelihood that blacks and whites would interact more frequently on the job, in schools, and during leisure activities”(Majete 1).


Before the desegregation acts, interracial marriage was unheard of. However after this, an increase of 46.8 percent was recorded. Reasoning for this statistical climb roots from the mixing of the once segregated white and African-American communities (French 1). A second motivation for interracial marriage is for upward mobility. When interracial marriage first made is seen in America, one of the partners might have been looking to obtain higher class or status (Majete 2). If an African-American woman wed a Caucasian man she probably was well educated, but was seeking the high social status that this union would provide (French 2). Rebellion from society also is a motivation for interracial marriage. When a child is pushed and forced into one state of mind they might become rebellious and marry someone to hurt their parents (Majete 4). All of these motivations are only theories. Each person’s motivation for marriage is different and unique.


Interracial marriage, though considered a social taboo, can possess many advantages. “Most people however, view this change and the blend of new people as healthy… the mixture of language and culture …

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