Literary Analysis Essay for The Crucible by Arthur Miller essays

             The play The Crucible by Arthur Miller has one character that is true to himself and stands out above all the rest. Throughout the play, John Proctor shows some ideal qualities that are not found in the other characters. Proctor is a man of integrity because he shows honesty, he stands by his beliefs, and he makes sacrifices.


Proctor portrays his honesty in many ways. First, he confesses to the court about his affair with Abigail. This shows that he is willing to admit his wrongdoings. Secondly, Proctor also denies Abigail when she comes to him again. He knows he has made a mistake in getting involved with her in the first place and does not want to make the same mistake again. John Proctor shows his honesty when he says to Abigail, "But I will cut my hand off before I ever reach for you again" (Miller 839). When Proctor was talking to his wife about having gone to Salem, he tells her that he and Abigail were alone. He tells Elizabeth this because he does not want to keep any secrets from her. At the end of the play, Danforth asks Proctor to give him the names of those that he thinks are involved in witchery. But Proctor does not want to lie so he refuses to say a word. Proctor's honesty is shown in his different actions, which sometimes result him into trouble.


Proctor shows his integrity as he stands by his beliefs throughout the play. Proctor plows instead of going to church on Sundays. This shows that he does not believe that Reverend Parris is a good preacher. When Cheever comes to arrest Elizabeth, Proctor believes that they do not have the right to do that, so he rips the warrant. This action shows that Proctor will stand up to what he believes in and is not afraid to do so. Proctor apologized to Elizabeth at the end of the play. He believed that he at least owed her that for having had an affair with Abigail. When Reverend Hale was interrogating him, Proctor tells Hale that he does not believe in witches. Th…

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