New Year essays

             New Year is considered to be the most important and wonderful holiday in Vietnam, since that is the time for people to leave their haplessness in the back and get their fortune for the New Year. Similar to other houses, this community has always bustled in preparing and greeting for the New Year.


A mother is supposed to go to the supermarket early in the morning and come back with a bunch of food. From then, the clatter of dishes and pans and the sizzle of food that has been fried are far resounding incessantly until late evening. At any place of the house, people can even hear the noisy boil on the stove or the scrunching of a mother's spoon scratched on the pan. People can also smell the burn of coconut jam, which was being made by an older sister.


“Why do you always burn it?” her sister shouted.


“That’s the way I like,” her older sister said and laughed at her.


The younger sister loves her jam so much, but she is always burning it until the white coconut jam becomes the yellow jam. It is terrible! At noon, the puff of smoke and the mixed scent from various kinds of food start spreading over the house. After that, certainly, there is father's footstep clattering on the floor. He leaves his half-painted walls in the living room to go into the kitchen and grumble to his wife. “Your smoke is disturbing me.” In fact, he just wants to look around the kitchen room with many kinds of food on the table. Then he smiles contentedly when seeing his wife cooking next to the tiny crackles of burn firewood in the stove and the bright red fire, which are blazing up the kitchen. At the end of the day, when everything is done, the house became brilliant with the colorful balloons, ribbons, and flowers. However, people shouldn’t sit next to the walls in the living room because the layer of new paint is still sticky and will adhere on their clothes. Moreover, the smell of paint is so strong at the end of this day.


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