Romeo's Tragic Flaw essays

             In the play Romeo and Juliet, Romeo is the tragic hero who through his tragic


flaws, ended the life of his bride and his own. In Shakespeare plays, tragedy is identified


as a story that ends unhappily due to the fall of the protagonist. Romeo's act of falling in


love too quickly and deeply, pride, and poor decision making are his tragic flaws and


contributes to the death of Juliet and himself. By analyzing Romeo's tragic flaws, it is


evident that the play is classified as a tragedy.


One of Romeo's tragic flaws, being that he falls in love too quickly and too


deeply brings him to an awful end. In the beginning of the play we are introduced to


Romeo being deeply and hopelessly in love with Rosaline. However, Rosaline did not


feel the same way about Romeo. Romeo shows he is unhappy with Rosaline's actions


when he says to Benvolio: "Not having that which makes having short." This very well


illustrates how deeply Romeo was in love with Rosaline. In the next scene we realize


that Romeo has fallen for another, which is Juliet. We can quickly identify Romeo's flaw


of falling in love too quickly and deeply when he forgets about his feelings for Rosaline


and concentrates on Juliet. Juliet too realizes that Romeo's love for her was too fast


when she said: "It is too rash, too undivis'd, too sudden." Romeo's strong love for Juliet


made him act without thinking when he kept contemplating suicide and saying that he


can't live without her. He shows he his love for her when he sees she her dead, not


knowing it was a plan, then drinking the poison right away. He shows he will do


anything for his new love, including risking getting caught by the Capulet guards at the


orchard, and killing himself to be with Juliet. This tragic flaw of Romeo was the reason


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