Starting a Business essays

             When starting a new business, there will be many important decisions to make as well as rules and procedures that must be addressed. The following information below, Is chronologically in order. They are the simple steps in beginning a new business.


The first step in starting a new business is the development of an idea.


The idea has to relate of what you want to sale or what type of business you desire to own.( Remember before even thinking of starting a business you are required to have money saved up, plus gather additional help from banks to provide you with a loan) The development of an idea is required in order to get a good mental picture and it's also helpful because you don't want to own a business that will provide you with not too much money, so having an idea may be very useful.


The following step is to come up with a good business plan. A business plan is a blueprint of every aspect of your business. It includes the following; marketing, sales, location and advertising. These are just some of the aspects in creating a plan. The plan may be helpful because it can be useful in assisting to obtain a loan from a financial institute.


The next step in starting a business is the legal proceedings.


You need to select a business entity which means a brief overview of the principal type of legal business structures available in your state. A legal representative and accountant is required before you determine what type of business entity to get. There are six major entity types and they are:


* Sole Proprietorship


* Limited Liability Company


* General Partnership


* Limited Partnership


* Limited Liability Partnership


These entity types are just legal documentations needed and required


for the process of owning a business.


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