The Value Of Reputation essays

             A reputation is probably one of the most important things a person can have in life. A reputation may decide your whole life and decide how successful you may become. Many people may say that the way a person or people view you doesn't matter or doesn't affect you in life but it does drastically. A reputation or the way some one looks at you can be viewed as the way you dress, your education level or the people you are associated with and sometimes people are given a reputation by the acts of the people in their family. Many people cannot get jobs or succeed in life because of their reputation.


In the Play Othello the character Iago makes many statements referring to the importance of reputation. One of these statements is "Good name in a man and woman, dear my lord, is the immediate jewel of their souls", One can sum this up by saying that a person with a good reputation is close to god. A person who is close to god is basically an outstanding person and a law, abiding citizen, one whom can be looked up to and trusted.


A reputation can help you and it can also work against you. By my own personal experiences people on first glance would give me a reputation of being some sort of thug teenager because of the way I dress with my baggy clothes and my baseball caps and the bad reputations teenagers get. Time to time these first view, "impulse" reputations give me trouble because I have to be constantly watched when I am in various shops. Some times I have had store security called on me when I enter a store with a large group of my friends. But a reputation can also help you in very large ways, for example your report card, transcript or application is a type of reputation that colleges or businesses use to view you. If you have a good transcript they will like you and accept you but if you have a bad reputation chances are that you will not be accepted.


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